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BSc Programmes Earth Sciences and Earth and Economics

The Amsterdam Critical Zone Hydrology research staff was teaching hydrology in the BSc Earth Sciences (Geology and Physical Geography) programme, and in the BSc Earth and Economics Programme.

MSc Hydrology Programme

The well-known nearly 50-year old MSc Hydrology Master programme is no longer in operation. Starting in September 2015 a revised programme, with much less emphasis on system and process hydrology, is offered by FALW-VUA.

The Master's in Hydrology was a unique two-year programme, taught in English, and executed by the Amsterdam Critical Zone Hydrology - Dynamic Earth and Resources group of the Department of Earth Sciences. The MSc Hydrology Programme had a strong international focus and consisted of a balanced mix of lectures, computer modelling workshops, lab experiments, and hydrologic field training in the Netherlands and in Portugal.

Examples of how students learned how to apply hydrologic theory in the complex real world during field courses are given in the weblogs of the field courses in Twente (NL) and Portugal that can be viewed at (2013), (2012) and (2011).

Reporting and Python Tools for BSc, MSc and PhD students

Acacia Institute course co-ordinator Hydrology: Dr. Maarten J. Waterloo
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